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How to draw ?

The green diodes indicate the unoccupied drawing rooms. Click on one of them to enter, it should become blue: that is where you are.

Then you have 120 secondes to modify the current drawing. You can change the colour, transparency and thickness of your drawing tool.

If you save your drawing before the end of the 120 secondes, you are back in the waiting room and you can choose an other. If you don't want to save, change room when you want. If you reach the 120, you cannot draw anymore: you only have 60 secondes to decide if you save or not.

To view this content, you need to install Java from java.com

Built with Processing


Loading the applet, saving images, changing room and voting can take a few seconds. Please wait.


For optimal use of the game, or if nothing has happened after, say 30 secondes, there may be a problem with your Java plug-in. Please update it.

Java plug-in
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